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Designer Drugs Bath Salts

“Female: And welcome back. Thanks for joining us today for our Live at Five segment. We have Dr. Michael Sevilla from Salem Community Hospital. Thank you for coming here today. Dr. Michael Sevilla: Great to be here. Female: Today, you’re … Continue reading

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16 Head Shops Banned

“Berkeley Brean: Rich and Lia, so far, every case against synthetic drugs has gone after the product, testing it to see if it has these synthetic compounds that mimic marijuana and cocaine, but the manufacturers just came up with different … Continue reading

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DEA Cracking Down on Bath Salts

Erica Hill: There’s a new form of designer drug causing increasing concern among authorities. They’re called bath salts, but frankly, they are actually a dangerous stimulant, something closer to cocaine or meth. They’re believed to have caused at least four … Continue reading

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Synthetic Marijuana Deaths and Bath Salts Brian Ross: Welcome back, I’m Brian Ross in New York. They’ve been called time bombs; deadly, dangerous, legal synthetic drugs ticking away as users across the country, especially teens, experiment with what on the street are called bath salts. … Continue reading

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Methylone and 4FA (4-fluoroamphetamine) Combo

  This weekend was dedicated to the experimentation of the combination of Methylone (commonly found in many bath salts but  banned in most states) and 4-fluoroamphetamine. I really do not like snorting things especially methylone since it burns so much … Continue reading

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Kansas City Missouri Bans Bath Salts Reporter:Governor Jay Nixon signs a law making bath salts illegal in Missouri. Not this kind, the kind you throw in the bath, but this kind sold in little packets with names like ivory wave, vanilla sky, purple wave. Tonight,a … Continue reading

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Kansas City Bath Salts Problem

Lara Moritz: bath salts not the kind that you toss in a tub, but the kind that people are buying to get high. Larry Moore: All over the country including right here in the metro poison control centers are being … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Produce Cocaine and Ecstasy Like Effects Erica Hill: There’s a new form of designer drug causing increasing concern among authorities. They’re called Bath Salts. But frankly, they are actually dangerous stimulant. Something close to cocaine or meth. They believe that they had cause at least … Continue reading

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Boy Commits Suicide After Snorting Bath Salts Gretchen Carlson: Well there’s a new lethal drug that’s gaining popularity, it may be something you would never suspect. We’re talking about bath salts being snorted now, smoked or injected, by kids to try and get high. The salt, … Continue reading

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