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Miami Bath Salts

“Female: Now, to the case the whole country is talking about. While the toxicology report for Rudy Eugene has not been released yet, this week there has been a lot of talk about what type of drug might cause a … Continue reading

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Texas Legislation Bans Bath Salts

In this latest bay town police department press release, Baytown Police Officers have recently encountered a number of violent subjects who were under the influence of the latest wave of designer drugs, known as bath salts. Despite their harmless sounding … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Bans Bath Salts

Pennsylvania wasted no time in banning the substances associated with bath salts. They have a comprehensive list which includes mephedrone, MDPV and methylone. Here is the bill that was passed a few months ago: Jill Horner: Even synthetic forms … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Drug

What exactly are Bath Salts Drug? They certainly are not the type of bath salts you put in your typical bath. What they are exactly are different types of chemicals being sold as bath salts. There are three main drugs … Continue reading

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