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Amped Ladybug Attractant- A Synthetic Drug

Amped ladybug attractant is a specific type of synthetic drug that falls under the category “bath salts”. It is a matter worth mentioning that laws have taken its own course and disapproved certain chemicals within this particular compound. Amped ladybug … Continue reading

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DEA Cracking Down on Bath Salts

Erica Hill: There’s a new form of designer drug causing increasing concern among authorities. They’re called bath salts, but frankly, they are actually a dangerous stimulant, something closer to cocaine or meth. They’re believed to have caused at least four … Continue reading

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Federal Ban | Bath Salts

[UPDATE] bath salts have been banned. Well, the chemicals labeled as bath salts (methylone, mephedrone and MDPV) have been banned and categorized as a schedule I controlled substance. That’s jail time, folks. Be smart. The federal ban on chemicals being … Continue reading

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Howard County Warehouse Bath Salts Raid SPEAKER: Well, when drug agents recently raided a Howard County Warehouse they say among the items seized was something called bath salts. SPEAKER: It’s not Calgon, anything like that. But rather the latest designer drug to hit Maryland, and … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Finally Banned in Ohio It has been in the works for a while. It first started with Barberton, OH banning bath salts. Legislation was rapidly pushed through shortly after. Methylone, MDPV and Mephedrone are all on the list. No more fun in Ohio. … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Bans Bath Salts

Pennsylvania wasted no time in banning the substances associated with bath salts. They have a comprehensive list which includes mephedrone, MDPV and methylone. Here is the bill that was passed a few months ago: Jill Horner: Even synthetic forms … Continue reading

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Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV)

I’ve had several requests for a video on a new substance that’s out on the market called bath salts. As most of you know, these are not the normal bath salts that we all get and put in our bath … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Drug Connecticut

Anchor One: Tonight in Special Assignment a growing and dangerous trend in Connecticut. Anchor Two: A substance labelled as bath salts and sold over the counter in shops across the state can produce a high similar to cocaine. Anchor One: … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Drug Alabama

Alabama prohibitions ownership, manufacture and also submission of alleged ‘bath salts’.. Montgomery, AL – 2 hazardous chemical compounds that are getting promoted as “bath salts” are now being added to the actual Alabama Controlled Substances Checklist through unexpected emergency rule. … Continue reading

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Teens Abuse Bath Salts as Drugs to Get High

Marla Carter: In tonight’s segment 2 , a product that most adults would consider normal household good can actually be deadly when used improperly. Young people have reportedly been snorting or smoking common bath salts in an attempt to get … Continue reading

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