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Zombie Bath Salts Man Threatens to Eat People

We’ve seen the outrageous headlines this summer, zombie-like behavior from people using the synthetic drug bath salts. Well, now there’s a case in Gwinnett county. Police arrested a man who they say stripped down to his underwear at a driving … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Drug

What exactly are Bath Salts Drug? They certainly are not the type of bath salts you put in your typical bath. What they are exactly are different types of chemicals being sold as bath salts. There are three main drugs … Continue reading

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Ivory Wave Bath Salts Drug Review

My first taste of bath salts was a brand called Ivory Wave that I found at a local head shop. ¬†Without doing any research I picked up the package at 11am and began sniffing it immediately. ¬†My favorite way to … Continue reading