Getting High on Bath Salts


Getting High on Bath Salts

Yes it is true, people are getting high on bath salts. Not just regular bath salts, but designer drugs labeled as bath salts. They are chemicals such as MDPV, Mephedrone and Methylone. While these drugs are legal in most states, they are quickly being banned on a state-by-state level. With in the next 12 months it is likely that all 50 states will have banned chemicals labeled as bath salts.

Kids are doing it and adults are doing it. It is so widely available and potent that it is becoming an epidemic. It has been highly publicized in the news where bath salts are blamed for crimes such as murder, rape and robbery. Some people are committing suicide while on bath salts. Needless to say, these people have a history of drug and psychological problems.

It has the same effects as cocaine and ecstasy, but doesn’t have as bad of side-effects. It is a stimulant and can cause feelings of extreme euphoria and also hallucinations. It can be bought online and in convenient stores and smoke shops. You can also buy it bulk only if you know reputable supplier and with the right chemicals

What are your views on bath salts? Have you tried them? Do you like them? Do you know someone bath salts?

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7 Responses to Getting High on Bath Salts

  1. kayla kelly says:

    This is fucked. Take this down. Blamed for crimes? Young kids with no history have gotten high on it and cut their skin open to ‘get rid of the things inside’. This is bullshit, whether or not the intentions of this article are good nor bad, you are promoting it with your choice of words. It has been quoted by people who have used it that the side effects are EVEN worse then all the meth-amphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, and LSD combined! To say otherwise is a lie! A corporative lie! Not to mention you glamourize it with the pictures, as well as the adds! If you do not take this website down, I will report your website to the DEA so they can find the creating IP address and locations. You have been warned.

    • jess says:

      O wah. Tell your stupid fucking kids to stop fucking doing it, and let the people who deserve freedoms such as this to do as they please. Free country? My fucking ass. What about alcohol? I guarantee you that these ‘kids’ you talk about have killed themselves with alcohol… but as for shit like this? Can’t say they have. Not one death has been PROVEN to stem from this shit, it’s been other things. Like heroin. Show me the proof, and I’ll show you the lack of truth in it. Unfortunately, these ‘kids’ WILL turn to illegal drugs again. And I bet you’ll be so fucking happy that you got rid of this shit. So fuck you. Get a fucking life.

    • CZ says:

      Kayla you are an idiot. The dea wont do shit they cant its called freedom of the press. And for all you idiot fucken parents out there that say my kids are going to do this because of this article. Really are you fucking serious maybe you should try o i dont know raising your kids teaching your kids what it can do to them. Maybe you could even pay attention to them theres a fucken idea I swear people have gotten so fucken retarded its ridiculous. Maybe just maybe if you idiots spent more time with your kids and watching what they were doing instead of going after the media for the shit they do they might not do the shit they do. I cant believe people you can put forward the effort to make sure the cats litterbox is cleaned, you can watch a puppy for hours on end to make sure it dont shit on the floor, blow your boss for a raise, but you cant parent your fucking kids great priorities real fucking great

  2. oh kayla says:

    Oh kayla… they dont gove a shit what u say..

  3. CT_109 says:

    In the past I’ve done many different illegal drugs and tho i am clean now I was hanging out with some friends a while back and they had some bath salts I tried them and i can say from experience they have no side effect near as bad as any of the illegal or legal drugs that I’ve done in the past and best of all theres no hangover and the worst side effect that I got from it was I was a little tired afterward and there is no addition I did it for a little while and I stopped there was no withdrawal process or urge to do it again if people say they are addicted there as stupid as the people that say they’re addicted to weed if they band this it won’t make people stop getting high it will just turn them to harder more damaging drugs such as cocaine, meth, ect… those are the real drugs that cause crimes I’ve never herd of anyone doing anything bad on bath salts (maybe people acting stupid but no more than normal lol) you get a little wired and an elevated mood but thats about it its almost like taking a few energy pills or drinking a bunch of energy drinks

    • Nick says:

      I completely Agree WIth CT_109. This stuff is great but side effects are not that harsh. Cravings are very low. Dont knock it before you try it.

  4. ted says:

    ha im trying it for the first time right meow

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