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[UPDATE] bath salts have been banned. Well, the chemicals labeled as bath salts (methylone, mephedrone and MDPV) have been banned and categorized as a schedule I controlled substance. That’s jail time, folks. Be smart.

The federal ban on chemicals being labeled as “bath salts” is looming. Can’t say we didn’t see this coming. I can see how people can fall into the grips of a serious binge and dependency. The euphoria is great, but only last a few minutes to an hour. The urge to re-dose is very strong. If you haven’t any other obligations but smoke weed and lead a non-productive life, go for it, re-dose that shit.

These chemicals are going to be in high demand after the banning of these insane wave of very ridiculous synthetic drugs. Bath salts are a very unique beast. Unfortunately they got massive amounts of negative press because, well, most people are stupid… add this drug into the equation and you’ve got a delusional, disconnected, strung out moron.

We don’t sell anything that is illegal, in fact, we don’t sell anything. This is just a blog with a little bit of info, some stories with piss-poor journalistic integrity, and a whole lot of bullshit we like to write when we are completely sober. Drugs are bad… Get a fucking job and stop ruining your life and fucking up your families.

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15 Responses to Federal Ban | Bath Salts

  1. alysha delvecchio says:

    Where can i find a store in Nh that has bath salts and can u still buy it today

    • Ran-D says:


    • Kat says:

      Somersworth NH…..the store is called “Village Grocery.” It used to be called “Cigarette City” awhile ago, before they changed owners.

  2. jay morton says:

    its ass”0″ llike this combined with some ignorant attention seeking “i didnt get enough attention from mommy and daddy” dont know when to stop dickheads that ruin a good thing for the rest of us. i domt understand how these nazi assholes can completely ban something just cause a few nuts who more than likley had preexisting head problems and probably shouldnt even be allowed to smoke cigs, dropped from reality and big brother says ban it i was sure i was living in america. please america stand up and shout its my choice.

  3. jay morton says:

    vote and get these people out of “our” government before were living in anothercold war era russia

    • jamie says:


  4. jamie says:

    Yeah but we live in a Free Country right? Its AMAZING, our government, kills me that these politicians sat around getting fucked up with alcohol, while deciding that they don’t want anyone getting high?! WTF? And if anyone thinks that that is not how it went down they are naive. I liked being able to work my ass off and do some locomotion and go out. ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS FUCKING EAT AND SLEEP AND “MAYBE” YOU WON’T TRY TO KILL YOURSELF, OR CUT OUT YOUR ORGANS!!? I TRULY BELIEVE THAT I’M SURROUNDED BY FUCKING IDIOTS!! FOR ALL THOSE MORONS THAT COULDN’T FUCKING HANDLE THEIR SHIT THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. KK says:

    YUP, you’ve obviously exercised your free choice to be a proud moron. ‘Cold war Russia era’ Seriously? God where do people like you come from, oh yeah the same ones without insurance that end up in an emergency room high on the drug of the moment, expecting everyone else to pay for your treatment. Or in a traffic accident, or supplying other morons. PS if you were living in cold war era Russia, you’d end up in the Gulags, read your history books – OH… wait… you were too busy excelling at stupid.

  6. C Daddy says:

    This is an odd blog. Seems like there is very little information… I would love to know what is in these “50 State Legal” salts as they are very strong and produce psychosis is very small amounts.

    Anyone know what is in these new blends, they seem VERY secretive about composition and anyone trying these salts labeled NOT for humans should be VERY careful. They are RESEARCH CHEMICALS for a reason, people need to research them…

    End rant.

  7. Amazed says:

    I have never once had a drink in my life nor did a single drug. I am
    Here to say the obvious. The gov controls two
    Huge killers, cigarettes and alcohol … When did pot kill anyone? Is this a fucking joke??? It’s all about money.. Why can’t they admit it!!!!!

    Example- we have thousands of calls because of a synthetic pot, well did u know almost 2000 people a day die of alcohol…

    • Michael says:

      “I would love to know what is in these “50 State Legal” salts as they are very strong and produce psychosis is very small amounts.”


      …..anddd….. what brands have you been making yourself familiar with??
      …as long as its cheaper and less hassle than crystal or coke!!…
      …I love chemistry… hate people… hate…. federal law…
      …I havn’t had the chance to try these bath salts yet…

      recommend me your favorite?

  8. Special K says:

    I am also curious about what exactly is in the Amped ladybug attractant, and have been unable to find any information on this subject anywhere. Another thing I was wondering is if the ladybug attractant were somehow ingested, by accident of course, if it were to show up on a urinalysis, as I have read that 4-fa will cause a positive test for amphetamines. I did a small experiment, and would like to share the results with anyone who is curious. I consumed, over the course of 4 days (with one day of sleep in the middle) approximately 2g of this Amped, and last night, while still going hard, took a UA. I passed across the board. Hoping this will help someone who wants to know, and still looking forward to finding out what chemical is this this curious little package.

  9. u81-2 says:

    i know the smell and effects of apvp,appp. these sweaty sock smellin white powders turn into yellowish gunk when warmed a lil…..like your pocket, theres a numbing agent that does not dissolve in water without effort, and was pee tested positive for amphetamines. apvp gives bout n hour of bliss but a poor stimulant idk what the juice is/was in it but psychosis is easy 2 catch……worse than coke,meth! theres my input for attracting ladybugs :)

  10. 2bnumber5 says:

    Newbie to this site. Thought I would get some factual information. All I’ve seen in this particular “discussion” is rudeness and intolerance. I read the rules before joining and saw most of them violated while reading one page of “communication”. I have barely a religious bone in my body, but I believe truly that “as ye sow; so shall ye reap.” Disrespect begets disrespect. I’m still trying to find an intelligent, FACTUAL, adult discussion regarding the ingredients found in what is called “White Angel Stain Remover”. If anyone has facts in addition to “opinion”, that would be refreshing.

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