Bath Salts High


Bath Salts High

What does it feel like when you are high on bath salts? Is it like cocaine, ecstasy, or amphetamines. According to many people and my experience, all of the above. It takes the best feelings of all these drugs, combines them, removes the come down and serious side effects and gives a pretty decent experience.

There are many people who become addicted and dependent on this drug because the feelings of euphoria are so great. These people typically have current or previous addiction problems. A Bath Salts high is just like any other chemical or substance that causes a pleasure response. Eating food causes a lot of the same release of chemicals as cocaine, ecstasy and bath salts. This is why we have obese people with food addiction problems.

Let me tell you a story about my recent experience with a bath salts high. I have been dating this girl. She is quite attractive and is fairly open with her sexuality. Myself, I am a bit more of a sexual deviant, and I typically don’t hide it. This girl holds back a little, and it was very apparent when we did some spiritual powder together one night. Let me tell you, this was by far the best sex of my life. She was completely open and pretty deviant (just like me). We watched porn and masturbated all night while we took turns doing some pretty intense sexual stuff to eachother.

We have good jobs and are decent citizens and had a little fun one night. A bath salts high isn’t going to completely change us for the worse. In fact, it opened up a whole new world of sexual exploration while not high on bath salts. We might try it again sometime and explore some more crazy stuff. Our libidos are fine and we are having sex more than ever.

Some people like to seclude themselves while on a bath salts high. This can be detrimental and ruin relationships with friends, family and sexual partners. If you are going to be a recreational drug user, be responsible and try and make it a social event. A bath salts high might have some negative long term effects, but so does eating shitty food and sitting down all day in a cubicle.


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27 Responses to Bath Salts High

  1. Nathan Ferrell says:

    good article. there is definitely some shit out there labeled bath salts that makes you feel cracked out and jacked up and some stuff that makes you feel like a million bucks and just loving all night and day. just another reason this shit needs to be legalized so they can put real directions on the package and we as customers know what the hell we are about to experience! sorry had to get that off my chest!

    • flames says:

      I totally agree half the reason people lie steal and kill over other things that people enjoy is because they r illegal think about it if every one who wanted to get a buz could go to the store and get it safely and not have to worry about getting arrested A lot more people would b enjoying life just a little more than usual and that would b a good thing.and for those who get addicted to all the good stuff its because their lives probably suck so they need it a lot more than the average person so why not just make a bunch of people happy i say if people need drugs to b happy who ever makes the rules should give them the drugs they want we take drugs that r just as harmful if not more so every day perscribed by our family dr. For reasons way less important than feeling happy even in a cruddy life

      • clifford says:

        I agree. The government let’s pharmacies sell or hand out pills that kill and that have short term and long term effects,that are very harmful and potentialy fatal. What’s with that? Illegal drugs do the same thing but if used in moderation are the same as pills. In my opinion. Illegal drugs are illegal because the government don’t want people to be happy and truly free. The government wants your money for their pockets and wants control over all of us. It wasn’t like this when the declaration of independence was written. The fore fathers that created it would be disappointed with todays America! It wasn’t supposed to be like this. But we are still the best country in most ways.

  2. ann says:

    You forgot to mention the other side effects: twitching, paranoia, thoughts of suicide. There is a girl right now in ICU who is in cardiac arrest. We just put some people in jail who were high on bath salts and were robbing the place I work at. The cops said this drug mimicks meth and he has never seen anything like it, very bad. He just told me a girl was sitting in the field rocking back and forth, then she got up, screamed and ran into a forest and had cuts and bruises all over her. He said the users run and around in circles and scream because they are delusional…. So good luck… You are a straight up idiot if you are using this drug

    • lisa e says:

      well, my cousin won’t be letting us know the long term use of it, because she is dead. when her mother left the house, she was restless and picking at her face. she was opening the cabinet, closing her cabinet. opening the fridge, closing the fridge. her mother just thought she was hungry and restless.

      mother picked up other daughter from work, went back home, and my cousin was laying in the yard. they thought, “she’s passed out.” they walked over to her. they rolled her over and she has an extension cord around her neck. and she is unconscious. she was in a coma for 2 days before they pronounced her dead…

      to say that this drug is ok, no way.. i would never feel like i could wash the blood from my hands.

      • clifford says:

        I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. I have lost five of my friends due to overdose on prescription pills. You cousin over did bath salts and from the sounds of it she was up for days. I hate hearing of people overdosing on drugs. Whether they are legal or illegal drugs. I do use some legal cocaine and once a blue moon I will smoke the legal marijuana but like any drug it should be done in moderation and the person should have knowledge of there own mental and phyical tolerances. Again sorry for your lose and if you ever need a vent or a listening ear feel free to email me. My username is grubguy18 I’m on gmail email address. Take care!

      • ana nymous says:

        you cant blame a “drug” for suicide… you blame the person.. he or she obviously had problems to consider and go through with such an act.. which im not putting down you or your fam for his or her decision.. and i dont think ppl should look down on someone for commiting suicide.. im sure its hard on your entire family, but you should be happy that your loved one is where he or she wanted to be.. when something like this happens everyone crys and says well atleast he’s in a better place… yeah!! hes in a better place! so why are you crying??????? would you cry if he won a trip to the bajamas?? hes where he wanted to be, and all this hell nonense is just that.. nonsense.. hes just relaxin.. worry free, while everyone he knew is pointing the finger at other people and companies.. i hope your fam goes throu this alright but im 100 percent positive your loved one is doing wayyyy better than we are!!! n the funny thing is im an atheist, and i believe that!.. where was we before we was born?? das where he is now.. :) love you all.. ( ps.. defend your loved one .. and celeberate his or her life, every grown man or woman has the right to do whatever they want with there bodies even if it is harmful to them or if it is suicide..)

    • clifford says:

      The people that are hallucinating or delirious and weird are the people that are over doing it and staying up for days on end. Moderation is key to any drug legal or illegal. Its proven staying up for four days sober will have you hallucinating. There’s a lot of weak minded people or people with addictive personalities using drugs those are the people that give drugs a bad rep. Even legal drugs/pills can be fatal and addictive. When people get addicted to pills the Dorothy give them different pills to take for that addiction. In my opinion that ain’t right, they should just commit them or lock them in a hospital for a couple weeks. That way after they detox they will have they confidence and strength to stay clean or knowledge to use in moderation.

    • ana nymous says:

      ann… im starting to wonder if you got your facts confused and the girl you was talking about didnt take a METH BATH.. yes the drug mimmicks meth, but you dont have to deal with dirty motherfuckers to get it.. you dont gotta risk blowing up buildings and yourself and others.. you just go to the gas station, or the hed shop… or the net, and get it… and its not as addictive as dope is.. you are one of those people who have never used any kind of drug, (besides ciggerettes and alcohol) the two worst things in the world, and they are LEGAL… so my question for you is, when ron paul becomes president, and most drugs are legal…. you will probablly be one of the few people who give EVERYTHING a try.. and you will learn that you have been living your life judging people without knowing.. and chances are, when you finally work your way up to LSD…. about 3 good hits, you will never come back… because you do not know yourselve well enough to let lose of all hate and biasness…. and you will have the worst trip ever imaginable… because when you do lsd you truly find out who you really are, and all the things you have been taught are lies, and all the ugly things in the world are the most beautiful things in the world. haha. i’d love to see you squeeging your third eye… realise we are all the same person and when you judge others you only judge yourself.. hell im against crack and heroin.. but i dont talk shit about it, because its not my place to tell someone what they can or cannot do with there body… if its someone you love doing it then take it amongst yourself and preach to them.. (and probably push them more towards the harder stuff because you seem a bit of an annoying asss person who makes her self image alot better by thinkin about “well atleast im not a drug addict” .. as you probably eat twinky and dingdong and deepfried everything, enormously fat.. just to make yourself think ” well… atleast i dont got a glassdick iin my mouth.. i just got 4 corndogs and a xlarge cokeacola… oh and they need to go to jail?????????? do you have any idea how many non violent people are in jail for DRUGS.. not selling drugs, but just using drugs, failing drug tests… its pathetic… if they started drug testing for carbs there would be 4 times as many… and you would be on death row probably because of your large bias ass… i guarantee you anyone on this forum wont die before your large ass loses a leg or worse from diabetes…. go take your insulin shot you self rightious rightwing nutjob

      • dd says:

        you are an idiot.
        years ago I used to make acid and other things for sale,but you my friend really don’t know what you are talking about at all and you make yourself look stupid.

    • Parker says:

      Just try it in moderation

  3. dustin says:

    What people DO NOT understand is that no one knows the long-term effects of these chemicals.

    • lunadarling says:

      Alot of the issue is, people open up these packets and snort a line like they would cocaine, no hesitance. The shit is so potent that one line is like taking 200 mg of adderral if you have never had a tolerance, they arent prepared. Problem is no one knows going into it how much a dose is. In very small amounts, it helps with concentration…please guys careful take it no further

    • anna nonymozzz says:

      and we wont know the long term effects of them for a long term… you cant live forever my friend.. i dont care if you do it or not… but i do on occasion, n it has helped my sex life out 20 folddddddd… the stuff makes you so confident and swells you up so big its like your junk is a weapon lmfao… make u go from 6 to ten… no damn lie homie.. n last longer than a human being is supposed to last.. n when u nut its like nutting for a year… u get off for like 3 minutes straight… its crazy.. BUT IM NOT ENDORCING IT TO YOU!!! dont do it.. its bad… u dont know the long term effects!!!.. :P .. i swear to u im not lying bout that shit either bro

  4. Paul says:

    I wish people would stop asking the government to save them from theirselves. I’m sorry if your friend is in the hospital, or passed away because of an overdose, but no one says these bath salts are safe, people die everyday from heroin, and guess what, it’s illegal, less people overdosed per use on heroin when it was legal, you know why? It had directions. These bath salts don’t have directions cause that’s the only way they can be sold legally. They must be labeled “not for human consumption” cause of analog laws. The founders of this country would role over in their graves if they knew prohibition was being supported by the new government they helped build. Do us all a favor next time you think it’s a good idea to stand behind a law that limits personal freedom, move the Fu•k out. This country was founded so people would have personal freedoms, if your not for freedom than you sir are un-American.

    • lunadarling says:

      damn right.

    • ana nymous says:

      amen brotha!!! no man or government should tell another man or woman what they can or cannot do with there bodies… i wrote a comment a few after yours that seemed kinda heartless to the woman who lost her friend, but if you wanna kill yourself… then nobody should be able to stop you.. i dont wanna kill myself, but if i did, i wouldnt want people pointing the finger at everyone but myself… and i wouldnt want them pointing it at me.. cuz its my choice.. its crazy suicide is AGAINST THE FUCKIN LAWWWW… if u get caught tryin to kill yourself you get locked uppp.. your life will never be the same… n that doesnt make ppl wanna do it EVEN MORE?? lmfao.. i got fam members who have killed themselves n i look at it as a choice.. a bad choice.. but a choice.. you never know.. someone might be doing something good by doin themselves in because they are not right in the head and thinking sinister thoughts about doing aweful things to people and rather than doing it they just slit there wrists… in my mind thats a MAN.. if u got plans on ruining lives.. end yours! :D

  5. Paul says:

    Just curious, I hear these stories of emts and er workers saying how people come in the hospital out of their mind on these bath salts, do they think making them illegal will change a damn thing? How many people do you think go to the er high on coke, or O.D. ing on heroin, check the data yourself, there is far more people in the er for mainstream drugs than bath salts. Making a drug illegal does not solve the problem, its just the governments easiest way to say they tried, and give themselves job security. Think about it, if people had a legal alternative to illegal drugs they would go for the legal choice. No drug offenders no need for all those expensive prisons, no more need for the extremely large and ridiculously powerful dea, and no more people getting rich off putting someone in jail for putting a substance in their own body. If you want people to recongonise a substance as dangerous educate them. People in the US are quiting tobacco products at record labels, and that is do to money being spent on educating the public on it’s dangers, and the real kicker… it’s the tobacco companies that are paying for this education. The government should be doing it’s part to make sure that companies educate consumers on the dangers of thief products, not imprisoning people for ingesting a substance.

  6. Niki says:

    I will say I had a scary experience with said “bath salts” I don’t do drugs, never have. My ex-fiance, who had a prior drug problem (before we met, clean when I met him)..Anyway a former drug addict friend of his told hiim about these “bath salts” so of course he like a dumb ass went out and tried them. He wouldn’t sleep had every light on in our friggin house, every door open. I knew he was doing something, but me not doing drugs, and not being around people who have done drugs, and he never relapsed the 4 years we were together, I was ignorant but not stupid. I woke up one night because I heard him asking me to wake up…his eyes were black..(he’s tgot green eyes, his pupils were so big you couldn’t even see any green just black) and he had a knife to my throat…scared shitless I asked him what was wrong, and he said he had some friends he wanted me to meet they were playing hide and seek in the house. So this drug also gives you dangerous hallucinations that meth does… The only reason why I found out everything is when he finally came down, mainly because he was arrested on a DUI, he confessed about everything when I went to see him in jail to give him his ring back personally. Not only did he have sex with the girl who sold him and did about 5 bags with him at the store. He then went on a binge on that shit for 5 days straight….didn’t come home til day 5..he was holed up fucking and doing whatever he could to get more bathsalt; because he promised the girl more sex if she would give him more bath salt since he had blown through his check. So needless to say..learned my lesson…will never date ANYONE again. After this experience. I am happy being alone.

  7. mmmk says:

    To Niki… Yea right… lmfao thats so fake… loser

  8. anna nonymozzz says:

    if injested orally.. it last 2-7 hours… snorted 2-3.5 hours.. positive things from mdpv: metnal and phsycial stimulation, encreased mental clarity, euphoria, mood lift, increased socialability, motivation, productivity , talkingmore, creativity, feelings of empathy, and intense sexual arousal.. ( makes you go 4 times longer at least… 2 hour minimum! orgasms are more intense than you have ever felt.. makes you feel like superman as a pornstar pretty much :D hahahahha.. and it makes ur junk damn near twice as big. NEGATIVE EFFECTS:-tight jaw muscles grinding teeth, lost of appetite and sleep, paranoia(the longer ur on it and the more u do) hyperactivity, high heart rate(depending on how much and how long u do it) , halucinations(at high levels or the longer your or it).. well.. i dont do it too often.. n not in long terms or take a lot.. i do it to have sex with my girl for hours and hours on end.. ive never got any of the negative effects besides grinding my jaws/teeth, loss of appetite, n sleep.. which i could care less about because the whole time im making ” love” haha to my chick n thats all that is on my mind!!! im not a drug addict.. im a sex addict.. and if a LEGAL substance helps… ALOTTTT then why the hell not.. i mean if i die im going to die doing what i love best :P

  9. DoctorMom says:

    Does this mean that kids should be allowed to buy it and become addicted too. What is wrong with you people? As a parent I have to watch my child suffer through an addiction from a substance that is easily available in any gas station or convenience store and unregulated. Her father and I are from the far left, we are very liberal. There are regulations for a reason. In this case, you don’t know what you are ingesting-the ingredients or the amount because it is not regulated. If you want to be a 30 year old idiot and blow your life, be my guest, but keep my child and the children of other’s out of this argument. I am so disgusted by this drug and what it has done to society in such a short time. If you think it won’t happen to you, you are sadly mistaken. Educate yourself.

  10. 2research says:

    the fact that this stuff is most common for going up your nose is the only thing people look at. if you smoked it would the same amout of people be going nuts and calling names? nope. look at when that legal marijaunan hit shops. no one cared. i understand peoples concern with having this kind of stimulant on the market but i promise you if you ban it things will get worse. ive tried a cuple different salts. did a shit ton of reasearcch before i did. only tried the stuff that had legit websites and told me the ingredients. “heavenly soak”-enery soak. has 2 hemicals in it. one is just a numbing agent to simulatate a ccocaine feeling. the other may singe my nose hairs. too much may cause parts of my nose to deteriorate. way too much can probobly make me go insane. but 100 mg in a day spread out between six hours. you inhale more dangerous shit fueling up your car. you dont need much more than that to get the total feeling it offers. that 500mg bag lasted me 2 weeks. another bag i had of a different blend i tried while organizing my office at the house. the alertness helped me that day but the taste and the make up of this blend wasnt for me. so i tossed it with atleast 400mg in it. i dont force myself to be responsible with it and neither do most of the people who use them. another person on here was right. its the idiots that abuse it that suck. they make us look bad. alcohol IS worse than this and any other drug. it is the only drug you can die from withdrawing. so if you post on any of these articcles and call anyone stupid you better have never tried a sip of alcohol. people over do things. people get emotional due to the come down of lots of things. ovbiously there will be more than a few bad expieriances with a product that alters senses. i say senses cause it never altered my state of mind. then again i didnt do a lot so idk. people are jittery and upset and lethargic also unfocused when they ccome down even borderline violent sometimes……….. you think thats enough reason to ban it? i was reffering to the withdrawl of caffine…. look it up. i know this is long but i have been looking at article andd pages like this for a cuple months and people are so descriminitave. if i invented alcohol today… say it wass never heard of before. people would do the same thing. i dont care if anyone rebutles with this about long term effects and the youth of today and such. all those people couldnt tell you what the long term effects of drinking everyday is either. they would say “its def bad” actually a beer a day is good for you. these are facts. and youth? my parents were immigrants, i was born hear. our first language wasnt english but they learned before they go over hear and they taught me when i was about 5 so i could understand teachers in school. the youth of today has bigger probllems than drugs or ethics. while you may be reading this andd saying you are a good parent andd want your child to be safe(you prob are) but you are one out of a lot that cares about their kid. this government supports lazyness and awards financially unstable parents. drive around the block at 3pm and see how many kids who arent tall enough to get on most rides at the amusement park are somehow getting off a bus with no one to greet them. you tell me how these stimulants will efet you life and your future and i bet i can point out 3 times as many things that should be higher on your list of potential dream crushers. i would actually bet that more people have attempted or actually commited suicide because of name calling online than this drug. this goes for both sides of the fence. people actually arent all that stupidd for thinking it is really “bathsalts” the media never tells the viewer or reader. which in a lot of causes has been 15 or 16 year old kids putting things up their nose that wasnt really clarified. and guess wwhat, when they do that they go to the ER. and when they are asked what they too they say bath salts. addding numbers that ddont belong on a statistic. i know im rambling but like i said this is a uple months in the making of not speaking my opinion be cause i didnt have enough facts. i do now. so anyone if there is someone who has a conflic to this with something other than…. long term…..or mdma(thats not even in them, its a-pvp in most of them)…. or youll go insane….. thats its.. thats all i wanted to say and if you read all this then im sorry i made it so long. if someone does want to say im wrong, please, since i see both sides, try to see mine and google “bath salts minimized”. just a page i found that insteadd of pointing out all the bad they point out the actual common effects and and comedown. like instead of saying alcohol makes you haave black out andd you wake up in prison, they say you have a cuple you feel euphoria aand then you are up for a ccuple hours. thank you

  11. Laura says:

    Educate yourself. Why does something have to be taken off of the market because you don’t want to be bothered to teach and educate your children? Why does everyone else have to be punished? Personally, I use bath salts in my BATH, particularily lavender scented ones. Why? Because its relaxing. I read the package and follow the instructions. Does this mean that Tylenol, anti freeze etc should be taken off of the market because someone can hurt them self with it? Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

    • Roxie says:

      It’s not actual bath salts that the drug users are abusing idiot! They jut call it that as their way of making it legal to sell!

  12. Cale Thurston says:

    Bottom line is it is a chemical you are putting in your body that is un natural. How your body reacts to it may be different for everyone. I have tried it. It was enjoyable, scary, and addictive. If you dont have an addictive personality then do what you feel best. If you have past addictions or medical issues DO NOT USE! It may be enjoyable for you, but people do die from it. The government nor man should tell another what he can and cant do with his body. I will be the first to admit that. Just keep in mind the people you may leave behind. The last thoughts you want to leave your family with is that you died do to drugs that have proven deadly effects. No different then cigs or liquor I know. I have a friend who is a former meth addict. He has tried it. He said “it is meth! or worse”. He swears to never be around it again. I hear so many make excuses why its okay. Deep down we all know it isnt right or healthy. And it is a gamble. Its your life to gamble with. Be responcible

  13. OneTwoo says:

    take it my lemmings…. take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it

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