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Drone IV 50 State Legal

One of the biggest challenges of “bath salts” distribution is staying ahead of the curve of state-wide bans. Legislation is low moving, but given the high-profile and scrutiny of bath salts, bills are getting pushed very quickly.

These bills only cover certain chemicals, mainly MDPV, mephedrone and methylone. While there are other chemicals out there, the question is, do you market them as bath salts? This has become almost a blanket name for this drug, and any chemical released under the “bath salts” brand will inherently be banned or heavily scrutinized.

One brand of 50 state legal bath salts is Drone IV. It is unclear as to which chemical is being used. Also, it is unclear whether or not a brick and mortar store in one the states with legislature banning baths will regard these as illegal Schedule I controlled substances.

Perhaps the best route would be to pivot these new chemicals into a completely different brand. It would require mass marketing and critical mass to reach the popularity of “bath salts”. Also, for online vendors, it would require some very strategic marketing to make that shift.

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3 Responses to 50 State Legal Bath Salts | Drone IV

  1. Jonas Driver says:

    Drone IV is supposed to be “50 STATE legal”. As of 7/28/11 I cannot order it online and get it shipped to me. Since I live in a state where salts are illegal, they add drone IV to the banned list and will not ship it. Last week several sites would ship to me. now…. no. Did I miss something? Can anybody tell me what happened??

  2. glittergrl says:

    i wish i kneww to!! if neone does know where to order it lemme kno one of my friends can but they wont tell me the site they will only order for u n they always want sum bc they order it n its bullshitt idk y ppl gotta b greedy as hell n shady as fukk its rediculous so if neone can help tht’d b great!

  3. spence says:

    Dude all i can say is that i tried this drone iv shit and it is pretty much bunk. did like half the container in lines and bombs but didnt feel anything. trying again tonight but I expect similar results.

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